Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Reportedly Coming Within Two Weeks of Inauguration

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On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump claimed that he plans to announce his pick for a seat on the Supreme Court will come within two weeks of his inauguration on January 20th.

The only new revelations to come out of the impending nomination are the fact that it will be announced within two weeks of Trump taking office and that his transition team has met with several candidates.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Trump explained,

“I’ll be making that decision, and it will be a decision which I very strongly believe in… I think it’s one of the reasons I got elected. I think the people of this country did not want to see what was happening with the Supreme Court, so I think it was a very, very big decision as to why I was elected.”

Vice President-elect Mike Pence later told reporters that he has had meetings with Democratic senators with the goal of giving them an idea of what Mr. Trump has in store for the Supreme Court. He has reportedly already met with Sen. Tim Kaine, Sen. Joe Donnelly, and Sen. Joe Manchin.

As CNN reports, Pence stated,

“Today was really about talking about our legislative agenda, but also meeting with members of the Senate to get their input on the president’s decision about filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court.”

Trump has said that his list now contains a total of 20 names, leading many to speculate that one may have been removed from it — Possibly Sen. Mike Lee of Utah. Those that are rumored to be on their way to getting Trump’s seal of approval include U.S. Circuit Judge William Pryor of the 11th Circuit, and U.S. Circuit Judge Diane Sykes of the 7th Circuit.

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