Trump Economic Adviser: “If China Doesn’t Like it, Screw ’em”

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In an interview on Monday, an economic adviser to Donald Trump, Stephen Moore, explained exactly how he felt about Donald Trump’s call with the president of Taiwan.

Moore told the hosts of the Big John and Ray radio show, “If China doesn’t like it, screw ’em.”

“We gotta stand by Taiwan… We see what’s happening in China with the way they’re saber-rattling out there in the East, and it’s about time we do what Reagan did: We stand up to these bullies and say we’re not gonna let you do this.”

Trump’s recent phone call with Tsai Ying-wen, Taiwan’s president, is the first time in over 30 years that an American president-elect has spoken to the leader of Taiwan. This is problematic because the U.S. does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

Many believe that the president-elect’s controversial call is yet another display of Mr. Trump’s alarming approach to pressing foreign policy matters, let alone basic diplomacy.

In a statement on Friday, the White House stood by the longtime stance of the U.S. government in saying that it remained “firmly committed to our ‘One China’ policy.” This policy strictly sees Taiwan as a part of China.

“I love the fact that Trump did that,” Moore explained on the radio show.

“Too many mamby-pamby people in the foreign policy shop are saying, ‘Oh my gosh we can’t do this, we might insult the Chinese.’”

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