Jake Tapper: Leaks Are from “People Concerned About This President’s Temperament and Fitness’

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CNN’s Jake Tapper on Friday addressed the leaks coming from the Trump White House, blaming the President, himself, and specifically his temperament and fitness to do the job.

The administration has continuously called for the leaks to be the focus of the ongoing investigations, rather than the substance of what is being leaked. So far, despite quite a bit of support from Republican lawmakers, that plan has not gotten much traction with Trump’s own actions fueling escalation of the Russia investigation.

On Friday, Tapper addressed the issue directly. “Is it fair to say, do you think, that President Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to getting this out of the headlines?” he asked Stephen Hadley, who served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs during George W. Bush’s presidency. “I mean, he is the one who fired Comey, he’s the one that allegedly made this comment about Comey. He’s the one who wasn’t honest … about the reason behind the firing.”

“You could go on and on,” Tapper added. “All of a sudden, you have a special counsel. That wouldn’t have happened two weeks ago were it not for President Trump’s actions.”

Tapper’s focus on White House leaks was particularly appropriate as they came in the wake of two major leaks that were published on Friday afternoon, capping a historic week in U.S presidential politics — the second of the two worst weeks of Trump’s young presidency.

“I think some of the leaks are coming from people that are concerned about this President and his temperament and his fitness,” Tapper said.

Watch the segment below:

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