Jake Tapper Blasts Kayleigh McEnany for Joining Trump Propaganda Machine: ‘It’s not Real and It’s not News’

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper took aim at one of his former colleagues at CNN, Kayleigh McEnany, who resurfaced on President Trump’s ‘Real News’ channel which is being broadcast from his Facebook page from a makeshift studio at Trump Tower.

The former CNN commentator abruptly terminated her contract with the cable news giant just a day before she appeared on Trump TV.

Tapper began by going through the history of Trump’s use of the term ‘fake news,’ which he traced back to shortly before his inauguration during a press conference where the then-President-elect refused to allow CNN’s Jim Acosta to ask a question, and referred to the network as ‘fake news.”

“Almost every single time he’s used that term [fake news], the news has been accurate, it’s just been news he does not like,” Tapper said referring to Trump. “You can start with — I think — his very first usage of the term, that CNN scoop, that intelligence chiefs, specifically the the-FBI Director briefed then President-elect Trump on the existence of that dossier which had made unsubstantiated claims about leverage the Russians claimed to have on the President-elect.”

“Every word of that CNN report has been proven to be true as verified eventually by James Comey and President Trump,” Tapper continued. “Or you can take reports by CNN, the Washington Post, and others of that tense conversation between President Trump and the Australian Prime Minister in January.”

Tapper then quoted the tweet at the time by President Trump claiming that the conversation was “very civil” and referred to news reporting to the contrary as ‘fake news.’ He pointed out that since then, the transcript of the call has been released, revealing that it was, indeed, a very tense conversation, as had been reported by news outlets.

“All of this prompts the question, what does the Trump team think is real news, using this Orwellian nomenclature?” Tapper asked. “We found out yesterday when President Trump’s Facebook page unveiled a mock newscast from former CNN contributor and longtime Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany.”

Tapper then pointed out that a conservative news site has referred to Trump’s new broadcast as “propaganda, straight out of North Korea’s playbook.”

After playing excerpts of McEnany’s performance on Trump TV, Tapper concluded “It’s not real, and it’s not news, and it’s definitely not ‘real news.'”

Watch the video via CNN below:

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