MUST SEE: CNN’s Tapper Stunned at HHS Secretary Price’s Claim that $880 Billion in Medicaid Cuts will Benefit Patients

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During an interview on Sunday morning with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Tom Price — Health and Human Services Secretary — erroneously claimed that the Congressional Budget Office’s estimation that $880 billion would be cut from Medicaid spending would actually benefit patients in the long run.

His rationale? The cut would push states to “tailor” their Medicaid coverage to better suit those that receive the benefits.

Tapper prompted Price toward the beginning of the segment about whether or not U.S. President Donald Trump is actually keeping his campaign promise to not cut Medicaid funding by promoting a bill that will cut Medicaid programs so substantially.

“Without question, $880 billion fewer dollars is a cut. How is this not a broken promise?”

However, the HHS secretary attempted to dodge the question entirely by using vague terminology to discuss the benefits of the GOP’s proposed Obamacare replacement. He elaborated,

“Imagine a system that works better for patients. What we’re fashioning is a system that would allow the states to tailor that Medicaid program to those specific individuals saving money but also a higher level of care than they currently do. Sounds like it makes a lot of sense.”

Price also failed to address Tapper’s questions regarding the American Medical Association’s ongoing opposition to Trumpcare as the result of the Congressional Budget Office’s findings about the true cost of implementing the legislation. In doing so, the HHS secretary has suggested that patients “talk to their doctors” about why the association and others oppose the proposed Affordable Care Act replacement.

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