Teen Vogue Writer Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘Partisan Hack,’ Carlson Reciprocates

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Tucker Carlson and Lauren Duca - CitizenSlant

Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued his string of loud clashes with guests as he faced off with Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca.

The debate was meant to be about Ivanka Trump and specifically, the incident she recently had on a Jet Blue flight where a fellow passenger accosted her and her kids. However, it quickly turned personal.

The Fox News host began by giving some background about the incident including some of his own slant, and then brought on Duca who had posted a tweet after the incident last week:

And the two were off. “What are the venues where you shouldn’t scream your political views at people? Would a funeral be out of bounds, church, her son’s bris, like what are the rules on that?” Carlson mockingly asked Duca.

Duca replied that nobody should be screamed at on a plane, but argued that President-elect Donald Trump’s eldest daughter has a “sinister complicity” in her father’s agenda. “She was a surrogate frequently throughout,” Duca said. “She did interviews. She did speeches on his behalf, where she represented a platform of women’s empowerment.” Duca continued by adding that even so, she backed the “most anti-woman candidate in decades.”

The exchanged continued to get more heated with Carlson continuously interrupting and raising his voice, and Duca doing the same in kind reaching a peak where Duca called Carlson a “partisan hack.” Carlson then went anti-woman himself as he told Duca to “stick to the thigh high boots” and spoke over her as she defended her work in Teen Vogue.

After the interview, Duca tweeted, “Tucker Carlson is an enemy of rational discourse. In this fraught moment, his bully tactics are profoundly damaging, and achieve nothing.”

Carlson, for his part, has remained silent in the aftermath of the interview which turned into a war of words.

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