Tennessee Legislator Earns Nickname “Pants Candy”

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pants candy jeremy durham - citizen slant
Reps. Jeremy Durham, R-Franklin, right, and Joe Carr, R-Murfreesboro, participate in a House Local Government Committee meeting in Nashville in 2013. (Photo: File / AP)


Tennessee Representative Jeremy Durham resigned from his position as Tennessee’s House Majority Whip in January after it was discovered that he’d sent several inappropriate messages to employees. It has now been reported that Durham sexually harassed 22 women. 

The state attorney general released a report detailing the accounts of the women that Durham harassed.

The Tennessean reports,

That conduct by Durham, who is 32 and has been married since 2011, includes bringing a 20-year-old “college student/political worker” to his legislative office with a cooler full of beer, kissing her and eventually having sex with her on a couch, according to the report.

“He told her that he wanted to kiss her, and the two kissed and had sexual intercourse,” the report states.

In an even more bizarre twist of events, the legislator earned the nickname “Pants Candy” during an encounter with another woman.

The report also includes another woman — identified as Jane Doe 9 — who said during the 2013 or 2014 legislative session that Durham had a dish of candy on his desk. When she asked for one, Durham instead pulled a dirty, unwrapped mint from his pocket and said, “You don’t want those, I’ve got this.”

After that, she gave Durham the nickname “Pants Candy.”

Of course, Durham’s attorney is denying all of the allegations on the basis that no one ever filed a complaint of sexual harassment against the Representative and that the entire investigation relies on the testimony of anonymous witnesses.

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