WATCH: Tomi Lahren Struggles to Defend Trump’s Hypocrisy

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In an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” and subsequently “Overtime,” conservative commentator Tomi Lahren struggled to defend U.S. President Donald Trump’s hypocrisy.

Lahren is best known as the young conservative commentator that makes videos of rants for The Blaze and on Facebook. However, during her debut on “Real Time,” Lahren was forced into the position of having to defend Mr. Trump’s actions in his two weeks as President — something that fellow panelist Rick Wilson referred to as a “bullshit tornado.”

Wilson went on to state that Trump is in a position of having to make good on many of his promises — including creating jobs, saying, “You can’t just tweet and bullshit your way out of it.”

He went on to explain,

“Call me crazy but there is a big difference between actual job creation and policies that get the economy lit up and a bullshit tornado.”

Host Bill Maher then turned his attention to Lahren, showing sympathy for the unsavory position that she was in, having to defend Trump at every turn.

Lahren took a stab at Wilson following his comments, saying, “I though Rick was a Republican,” to which Wilson responded, “I’m actually a conservative too. That’s the difference between me and Trump people.”

However, Lahren was unable to keep her composure and ultimately became defensive when Maher brought up the many executive orders that the President has signed since he entered the White House. He explained,

“The Republican party did a one eighty on executive orders. When Obama did them they were the worst thing in the world and now the government is run by them. Does that bother you, like that immediate unabashed hypocrisy?”

Watch the full clip here:

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