11th Trump Accuser Comes Forward on the Same Day He Threatens to Sue Accusers

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11th Trump Accuser Comes Forward on the Same Day He Threatens to Sue Accusers - Citizen Slant

On the same day that Donald Trump gave his ‘closing argument’ at Gettysburg where he made headlines by threatening to sue the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, the 11th woman to level accusations against him goes public.

The woman, adult performer Jessica Drake, accused the Republican nominee of grabbing and kissing her without permission and then soliciting the woman for sex in exchange for money.

Drake claims that she met Trump when she represented adult film company Wicked at a golf event ten years ago. She alleges that Trump invited her to his hotel room. Not feeling comfortable going alone, the actress says that she brought two friends.

Upon arrival at the billionaire’s hotel room, she alleges that Trump grabbed the women and kissed them without permission. She also claims that his bodyguard was present at the time. Trump then allegedly asked “What do you want? How much?”

Drake turned him down only to receive a call a while later with an offer of $10,000 for sex. She claims that she again declined the offer. “I did relay my experiences immediately afterwards to my friends,” the actress says. She decided to come forward to support the other accusers and is not looking for any financial gain.

As with two of the other accusers, Drake is being represented by attorney Gloria Allred who addressed the candidate’s earlier threat.

“If Mr. Trump thought that such bullying tactics will stop other women from coming forward he will be sorely disappointed. Women will not be intimidated into silence by Donald Trump … An army of lawyers will come forward to represent them and the public will fund their legal defense.”

Allred warned that women who have not yet come forward may decide to do so and that she has been contacted by members of the public who have asked about contributing to the women’s defense fund.

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