WATCH: Trump Adviser Shocks Tapper, Says Terrorists Using Muslim Ban to Recruit is ‘Utterly Irrelevant’

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CNN host Jake Tapper pressed Sebastian Gorka on Wednesday over the President’s immigration executive order, better known as the Muslim ban.

Gorka, who serves as the Deputy Assistant to the President, claimed that the fears of many that the ban will be used as a recruitment tool by the Islamic State are “utterly irrelevant.”

While discussing Mr. Trump’s executive order — which bars immigration from seven Muslim-Majority countries — Tapper asked Mr. Gorka, who formerly served as National Security Affairs editor for Breitbart, about the “lack of coordination” in implementing the order. He went on to question Gorka, asking if the administration would “take to heart” any of the criticisms from Republicans regarding how the order has been implemented.

However, if Gorka’s reaction is any indication, it doesn’t seem like the administration will take any criticism into consideration.

“As somebody who’s inside … I have to just laugh when I see something in the newspaper,” Gorka said.

Tapper was quick to respond, explaining,

“Okay, but members of Congress, Republican leaders, they say they didn’t know this was coming and they were surprised… Obviously there was a lot of confusion in airports, people on the front lines…”

Gorka claimed that there was no confusion at the airports and that the executive order has actually been executed smoothly since it was signed last Friday.When asked about the concerns of many Republican leaders that the ban would help terrorist organizations like ISIS usher in new recruits, Gorka stated, the notion that “any document signed or executed in the United States” would somehow impact the recruitment efforts of the Islamic State is “utterly irrelevant” and “absurd.”

When Tapper pointed out the many stories that have emerged regarding the many people that have been detained at airports across the country and of those that also took to the airports to protest, Gorka seemed to be in complete denial.

Gorka insisted the Muslim ban has,

“nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with xenophobia.”

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