Trump Senior Advisor: ‘Kellyanne Conway Did Not Say We’re Behind in the Polls’

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Trump Senior Advisor: 'Kellyanne Conway Did Not Say We're Behind in the Polls' - Citizen Slant

The Trump Campaign’s Senior Communications Adviser Jason Miller appeared on CNN’s ‘The Situation Room’ for an interview with Wolf Blitzer and before any question was asked slammed CNN for ‘dishonest’ reporting.

Miller was upset with the story that CNN ran just before Miller went on the show, commonly referred to as an ‘intro package,’ the short piece that is sometimes shown in order to orient viewers with a particular subject matter prior to interviewing live guests.

The ‘intro package’ that drew Miller’s ire was a piece done by CNN’s Jim Acosta from the Trump campaign trail, on Trump’s very rocky recent days, and included a snipet of Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway admitting that Trump is currently trailing Clinton in the race.

Miller immediately attacked the piece saying “That piece from Jim Acosta was one of the most heavily-edited, most dishonest intro packages I’ve probably ever had set up … Everything from Kellyanne’s words to the description of what’s going on in the race was just nonsense.”

When Blitzer specifically asked about Conway’s remark stating that he did not see where there was any dishonest reporting on that issue, Miller said “Well, Wolf, if you listen to all of her comments on that, she was saying that we were behind on spending,” not the polls. He then continued the Trump campaign’s rhetoric of a biased media. Miller then claimed went through a list of battleground states where he believes that Trump is either leading or within the margin of error.

As Blitzer went through his list citing to what he called ‘scientific polls’ which are accepted by CNN and other mainstream news organizations, he stated that Clinton appears to be either slightly or significantly ahead in all of the relevant battleground states. Miller said that he “is pushing back” on Blitzer’s claim. “I don’t believe that CNN or any other news organization can simply play voice of God on this.”

Blitzer then confronted Miller with Trump’s tweet on Monday stating that:

“Major story that the Dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the Trump. We are going to WIN!”

Blitzer asked Miller whether he believed that CNN’s polls are phony.

The complete piece including Acosta’s ‘intro package’ is included in the clip above.

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