The Reason Donald Trump Thinks Afghanistan is Safer than Our Inner Cities

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On Tuesday, Donald Trump made another one of his now ‘signature’ attempts at outreach to African American voters by saying that “places like Afghanistan are safer than some U.S. inner cities.

Speaking before a crowd in Kenansville, North Carolina, an ever more crucial battleground state — and a must win for Trump — Team Trump made sure that everything about the ‘outreach’ was signature Trump. The candidate was again speaking to a virtually completely white audience, and telling African Americans through their TV sets that their communities were basically a disaster in every way imaginable.

Trump thundered to the crowd,

“We’re going to rebuild our inner cities because our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever. You take a look at the inner cities, you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street.”

As far as ‘outreach,’ Trump’s attempts are akin to something from the ‘Mad Max’ movies with the warlord standing outside of the walls of the city yelling to the inhabitants that he is going to bring them much needed fuel and protect them. As many African Americans have stated, it is insulting, demeaning, and plain disingenuous. As many pundits and African American leaders have said, Trump is not trying to reach African Americans at all. He is trying to reach more moderate voters outside of his Alt Right base by making himself look more empathetic.

But specific to Trump’s latest claim, despite the fact that his surrogates have been given their talking points and told to claim that it’s just ‘hyperbole,’ the reason for Trump’s reason is far from hyperbole. It reflects Trump’s complete disconnect with any inner cities or minorities. Trump has lived a privileged 70 years, with continuous displays of racism and tone-deafness throughout those 70 years. This tiger is not changing his stripes after 70 years.

From all accounts, Trump has never been to Afghanistan, a war torn country which until a few years ago had nothing but poppy seeds as its only natural resource. It has been going from one war to the next for decades. Despite his claims that he knows ‘more than the generals,’ Mr. Trump has not even read about the plight of the people in Afghanistan.

Similarly, except for his recent trips to a couple of inner city churches, Mr. Trump has rarely even been driven through the inner cities. Even if exaggerated, Mr. Trump has no idea how much of an exaggeration he is making when he compares our inner cities to Afghanistan. The simple truth is that the reason Trump compares our inner cities to Afghanistan is that he has spent almost as much time in our inner cities as he has in Afghanistan.


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