Trump Attempts ‘Do-Over’ with Comey in ‘Simpsons’ Short

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Donald Trump on The Simpsons - CitizenSlant

President Donald Trump made an appearance in the latest ‘The Simpsons’ promo and attempting a “do-over” with former FBI Director James Comey, who he unceremoniously fired earlier this month.

In the animated short movie, Trump tries to patch things up with Comey, saying “Mr. Comey sir, I thought if you came back for one last meeting, we could straighten things out.” Toward the beginning of their conversation, Trump says that he wants to speak to Comey alone, at which point Jeff Sessions appears from underneath the blanket and runs off.

“Look, I want a do-over. I have no tapes. Let’s make a deal. You hand over all your notes, and I’ll erase the tapes — I mean, there are no tapes!” Trump continued.

The pair is then visited by the ghost of former President Richard Nixon, who at first frightens Trump. Nixon tells the President “I came to thank you, Donald,” explaining that he is “moving up” and that “thanks to you, I’m now the 44th best president.”

Trump is sitting up in his bed surrounded by books with titles that track some of the news surrounding Trump. The book titles include “Two Scoops for Me,” “How to Lose Friends and Piss Off Israel,” and “I’m Still Fired” (by Bill O’Reilly). Nixon urges Trump to “burn” any tapes that he has of his conversations with Comey.

“There are no tapes!” Trump shouts. As he slams his fist on his bed, his hair then opens up revealing that it is a small dog with a tape recorder.

The short marks the third occasion on which ‘The Simpsons’ has targeted Trump in a promo.

Watch the video short below:

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