Trump Tries to Backpedal on Critical Decision, Shocks No One

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Donald Trump | by Gage Skidmore

Ever since he became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, there has been speculation on who Donald Trump will pick as a running mate. His diehard supporters, less concerned with his VP choice, as they would support the candidate himself no matter what.

More concerned have been the establishment and the Republican Party voters who are not blindly supporting Trump, but need to make sure he is who they want as President. However, Trump’s reported choices have been less than exciting. Over time, as with everything else Trump, the Republican Party has lowered it’s bar, hoping for someone less disastrous.

The people on Trump’s shortlist have been leaked out by his campaign. In fact, in the last few weeks, the process has been much like a TV reality show as Trump has gone from candidate interview to candidate interview.

Of the shortlist of five people, two — Bob Corker and Joni Ernst — publicly removed themselves from it shortly after it was announced that they were in the running.

The remaining three were only interesting in the manner in which they displayed the lack of any sophistication in the Trump campaign. Those were Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Pence. All three signaled either complete ignorance or a candidate who was having very serious concerns with his base.

As the Trump camp continued to signal that it wanted to announce Trump’s choice before the Republican National Convention, as early as the week of July 4th, that date continued to get pushed back until there were literally no more days left. Trump finally proclaimed that he would announce his pick on Friday, the last business day before the Republican convention.

Reluctant, he found some reprieve from making an announcement. He publicly stated that, due to the massacre in Nice, France, he would delay the announcement. However, not able to hold his thoughts even for moments, he made the announcement, nonetheless, on his Twitter feed.

CNN and NBC are now confirming reports from their sources that Trump was up till midnight after his announcement, talking to his circle in order to find out whether he can walk back on his announcement. This is after Pence was offered the job and had accepted the offer.

Reportedly, the last minute concerns came due to pressure from Trump’s campaign. Ultimately, the VP pick may not be official until it is confirmed in the convention.

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