Trump Breaks with Tradition Once Again, This Time in VP Process

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Whether it is a desire to break from tradition or his flare for making news about himself, Donald Trump seems to again be doing the untraditional. This time in the search to pick his running mate for the general election. To be sure, one of the most important decisions he must make.

After all, the VP, being the second in command, would be the president if and when a president becomes incapacitated.

Trump seems to be using the process as a means of making news about himself. He is essentially tweeting out his interview schedule as he goes. On Monday, Trump tweeted that he’d be meeting with Sen. Joni Ernst, the popular Republican senator from Iowa, an important swing state. That meeting is to take place in New Jersey.

He also tweeted that he had met with Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, and his family over the weekend. He tweeted “Very impressed, great people!” In true Trump fashion, he also could not leave claims unanswered that he is having trouble finding anyone who actually wanted the job of being Trump’s second.

Trump posted a vague tweet to respond:

“The only people who are not interested in being the V.P. Pick are the people who have not been asked!”

However, that hardly settles the issue. There are scores Republicans who have openly distanced themselves from Trump, even after endorsing him.

Perhaps even more telling are the people who are reportedly topping his list, as all appear to be hardliners. That, in itself, says that either Trump is having trouble with his base or that he is having trouble finding someone who will say yes to the VP offer. And, certainly, if he is having trouble with his base, he would be having trouble finding a running mate.

Additionally, most of his reported list are very unpopular within their respective constituencies. Certainly, both Governor Pence and Governor Christie are not doing well in their states. And aside from being out of politics for nearly 20 years, Newt Gingrich left politics because he had to resign from Congress.

Another member of Trump’s short list is Senator Tom Cotton. Most recently, over the weekend, Sen. Cotton appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Asked repeatedly to make the case for Mr. Trump, Cotton demurred, instead moving the focus to Hillary Clinton. Cotton even stated that,

“Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself.”

The fact that Trump then posted a supportive tweet, in light to Cotton’s less than enthusiastic response, only confirmed that Cotton remains on the short list.

For Trump’s detractors, if so many were truly lining up to be Trump’s running mate, then his short list presumably would not contain any questionable candidates. This. coupled with Trump’s seemingly defensive and vague response to the claims that the pickings are very thin for Trump, only fuel speculation that Trump is having trouble finding a good running mate.

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