Trump Campaign Launches Nightly Update ‘Trump Tower Live’

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The Trump Campaign has launched what many believe is a prelude to what’s to come after the election for the real estate mogul: Trump TV.

Ever since Steve Bannon was hired as campaign CEO, there has been speculation regarding whether Trump’s post election aspirations include a media company.

Speculation only increased when it became public that Camp Trump was doing a Facebook Live broadcast before and after the third presidential debate in Las Vegas, which appeared to be much like a news or talk show with guests — surrogates, campaign staff, and supporters — taking turns speaking on the set which was constructed inside the Spin Room at the debate.

Starting tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST, the campaign will be doing a nightly broadcast from Trump Tower. The nightly update is hosted by Boris Epshtyn, Cliff Sims, and Blaze TV’s Tomi Lauren.

Tonight’s show did not start on time — it was about 3 minutes late. It opened with Epshteyn, Sims, and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. It was followed directly by a campaign rally. It appears that this is going to be the format going forward for each weeknight for the next two weeks until Election Day.

“Each night, we’re going to come to you from the War Room, give you the message straight from the campaign.” Lahren joined the program by Skype from the studios of The Blaze to deliver her ‘Final Thoughts.’ About 51,000 viewers tuned in to watch the live stream.

It remains to be seen whether Team Trump will continue the program after the election or whether there are any thoughts on expanding it into a media company. For now, the campaign is using it to bypass the media and speak directly to Trump’s supporters. While it may be popular with those who are already supporting the candidate, it is doubtful that this will expand his tent.

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