Trump Campaign Just Shot Itself in the Foot in Ohio

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Donald Trump’s campaign dealt another blow to its White House chances as it declared war on the Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges, who until now, has tried to support Trump.

Ohio has been a major battleground state for decades, being the measure of who wins the American presidency since 1960, and the most competitive of the battleground states for Trump this year.

In the 2016 cycle, Clinton has been so far ahead in other parts of the country that while Ohio is a must win for Trump, Clinton has a clear path to the White House even if she loses both Ohio and Florida.

This latest Trump attack on the Republican Party comes because the Trump campaign’s Ohio director Bob Paduchik said that Borges used his position to advance his campaign to become the next Republican National Committee chairman according to Cleveland.com.

This is widely regarded as a major problem for Trump in this must-win state. In his letter to Ohio’s GOP central committee, Paduchik said that Borges “does not represent or speak for the candidate and he no longer has any affiliation with the Trump-Pence campaign.” Paduchik went on to say that Borges’s “loyalty to Governor John Kasich’s failed Presidential campaign eclipse his responsibility as Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.”

After claiming to have spoken with the candidate in recent weeks in order to advise him on doing a bit of course correction, Borges told party members last week that they would not face any repercussion if they rescinded their support for the Republican nominee, in the wake of the recently leaked ‘Access Hollywood’ recording showing Trump and NBC host Billy Bush in 2005 in the midst of extremely lewd comments.

At the time, speaking to Cleveland.com, Borges said that

“There’s no worse way to be spending my Saturday 30 days from an election that (we) absolutely should have won this year than to be spending 100 percent of my time on the phone or on emails or answering questions or [granting interviews] on a topic like this that isn’t helping us advance the ball.”

For his part, Paduchik claims that he has “no idea what game [Borges] was playing. Some Ohio Republicans have described it as disgraceful, I find it utterly bizarre.” Claiming that he spoke to Trump directly about Borges’s conduct, he said the presidential nominee replied “This is why people have lost faith in the establishment and party leaders.”

The increasing attacks by Trump and his campaign against his own party continue to fracture the party not just for this election, but many believe, for long after the next president is sworn into office.

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