WATCH: Ex-U.S. Intelligence Officer Says Trump’s New Chief of Staff ‘Might Have to Tackle Him’ to Avoid Nuclear War

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On Sunday morning, former United States Navy senior Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Nance told Joy Reid that Trump’s new chief of staff Gen. John Kelly will most likely “fall in line” when he begins work in the Oval Office on Monday.
As a Marine, Kelly is accustomed to following chains of command, certainly the commander in chief — something that Nance believes is the reason behind Trump’s obsession with hiring generals. He explained,

“[Trump] feels that generals give him that steel in his back and will get things done for him that he chooses to do. He does not want to fit the role of a president of the United States. He wants to be a CEO of a Trump corporation and he is going to put people behind him that will crack the whip.”

Nance also noted the recent developments with North Korea, asserting that if the president decides “he’s going to burn that program out of the ground with perhaps a nuclear weapon, well these generals are going to have to be the ones that have to consequences of that, because his consequence management skills are null.”

Although Gen. Kelly will follow the chain of command, Nance explained that he “might have to be the guy who tackles [Trump]” before the president makes irrational decisions, including the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea.

Watch the clip here:

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