Trump Campaign Hires Former Christie Official Linked to ‘Bridgegate’

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trump hires former christie official linked to bridgegate - citizen slant

Donald Trump continues his mesmerizing hires at the top of his ailing campaign. After replacing his campaign manager once again, and after bringing on the controversial head of Breitbart News as CEO, Trump has extended his streak of bizarre hires to the National Field Director position.

On Friday, the Trump campaign announced that it was hiring Bill Stepien, a former aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was fired in the wake of the January 2014 ‘Bridgegate,’ where Governor Christie’s aides directed the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge — the busiest roadway in the nation — as political retribution.

In his position with the campaign, Stepien will be working on voter turnout. He was reportedly brought on by the campaign’s new CEO, Stephen Bannon. Stepien is regarded as Christie’s top political aide during the the Bridgegate scandal.

It is important to note that Stepien was ultimately among those charged in the federal investigation into Bridgegate. However, earlier this month, court documents revealed a damning text where a Christie aide texted a colleague during Christie’s news conference in December 2013 as the scandal was bubbling to a head that Christie “just flat out lied about senior staff and Stepien not being involved.”

Setting aside his baggage, Stepien does add more than a decade of campaign experience to a Trump campaign which is very short on experience. In fact, before being fired, Stepien was widely expected to run Christie’s 2016 presidential bid. Prior to that, he served as national director to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

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