Trump Claims ‘Millions’ Voted Illegally, Here’s What Happened When Trump Tried It

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Trump Claims 'Millions' Voted Illegally, Here's What Happened When Trump Tried It - CitizenSlant

President-elect Donald Trump has been on an unprecedented Twitter rant over the weekend after the Wisconsin election board agreed to honor the Green Party’s recount request.

He took to his favorite social media platform on Saturday and Sunday to express himself on the matter. including making baseless claims of voter fraud.

He also called Hillary Clinton a hypocrite for announcing that she would participate in the recount effort. That’s quite rich — and expected at this point — coming from Trump, who himself repeatedly implied that the would not concede the election during the campaign if he were declared the loser.

At the same time, by claiming that there was widespread voter fraud, he effectively offered his own support for the recount. According to the President-elect, “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla who is the state official in charge of ensuring that California’s voting process goes smoothly — and without fraud — was not too pleased with the President-elect’s allegations.

“It appears that Mr. Trump is troubled by the fact that a growing majority of Americans did not vote for him,” Padilla said in a statement which he tweeted “His unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in California and elsewhere are absurd. His reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of a President-elect.”

The future Commander in Chief spent the better part of two days apparently obsessed with a recount effort which has no realistic chance of changing the Electoral College result, and with the simple fact that he did not win the popular vote — a fact that is irrelevant in this case to him being President-elect.

More importantly, Trump knows, better than most, how difficult voter fraud is — even on an individual basis is, let alone in a widespread scheme. In a 2004 video, he was turned away — much to his dismay — from three polling stations, and ultimately had to cast a provisional ballot.

The future Commander in Chief can be seen visibly angry at the fact that the polling places are not finding his name on their rolls, and are refusing to let him vote. So much so, that by the time they arrive at the third polling station, Billy Bush spends time warning of how upset Trump would become if he is turned down again.

And even though he huffed and puffed at the final polling station, he was not allowed to vote cause his name did not appear on the roll.

In the final scene in the video, the Donald can be seen filling his provisional ballot, which is a ballot that will not be counted unless the race is close enough to warrant it, in which case, it has to then be verified to be a legitimate vote.

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