Trump Falsely Claims Credit for Drone Return, and then Really Starts Talking Nonsense

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On Saturday, for no reason other than sending a typo-ridden tweet, Team Trump claimed credit for the Chinese returning the unmanned U.S. Navy drone they had captured a day before.

Early on Saturday morning, the President-elect sent out a tweet which famously contained a typo causing an uproar on social media. Over an hour later, the tweet was deleted and a new one posted correcting the typo.

The Chinese had already announced that they would return the drone in an “appropriate” manner. The Pentagon also had announced that it was working with the Chinese in order to facilitate the drone’s return. “Through direct engagement with Chinese authorities, we have secured an understanding that the Chinese will return the [drone] to the United States,” Pentagon spokesperson Peter Cook said in a statement.

Team Trump, however, believed that none of the men and women on the U.S. side — the Pentagon, the Navy, etc. — and none on the Chinese side were doing anything of substance.

In fact, they believed that the early morning, typo-ridden tweet — later corrected — was the reason for the Chinese returning the drone. Trump transition team spokesperson Jason Miller said so much in his tweet just three hours after Trump’s:

Though some have suggested that China’s initial seizure of the drone was a response to the President-elect’s phone call with Taiwan’s leader earlier this month, no one outside of the Trump Team has suggested that the President-elect had anything to do with its return — and certainly not through his tweet. Basically, many agree that Trump caused the problem, but no one outside of Trump thinks he did anything to solve it.

But as is typical with Trump, things did not stop with causing a problem, doing nothing but exacerbate it, and then taking credit for someone else solving it. Late in the afternoon on Saturday, the ever-mercurial Trump decided to add more nonsense to the process by tweeting that the Chinese should keep the drone, for no reason that can be determined.


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