WATCH: Trump Releases First (Cryptic) General Election Campaign Ad

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trump campaign ad - citizen slant

Trump has finally released his first general election campaign ad, and it’s as creepy as you’ve anticipated that it would be.

The ad focuses on what seems to be the very backbone of Mr. Trump’s campaign: xenophobia disguised as border control and national security concern.

As Slate reports,

More noteworthy than the content of the ad, however, is simply that it exists at all. Before Friday, Trump had not run a single general election ad this year, while Clinton had spent $61 million flooding the airwaves across the country. Trump’s ad buy—roughly $5 million over 10 days—won’t close that gap, but it does suggest that the he has finally come to terms with the fact that he can’t win by simply relying on free and social media to reach American voters, an increasing number of whom have been souring on him the more they’ve seen of him this summer.

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