Trump Crosses Line, Publicly Gloats About Russia Cyber Attack

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Following several weeks of denying that Russia played a role in the cyber attacks on the Democratic National Committee, President-elect Donald Trump has decided to take a different approach.

Instead, Mr. Trump has now suggested that whatever party is responsible for the attacks was actually doing the country a favor.

In true Trump fashion, he took to Twitter at 6 am on Friday to pose this pressing question to his 17 million followers.

There are many reasons why Trump’s early morning tweet is concerning.

For one, Trump is effectively asking Americans to bypass the fact that the attack was sponsored by Russia and instead view the attack as a sort of public service to America, because it showed that Brazile had shared a debate question.

In doing this, Trump also minimized the fact that the hack was an attack by another country.

As the Huffington Post reports,

Trump appeared to be oblivious to the fact that the Russian cyberattack was just that, an attack, by a foreign power, designed to undermine Americans’ confidence in the democratic electoral system. Instead, Trump got it backwards, falsely claiming that the Russians did the United States a favor by exposing “illegal” activity.

With a single tweet, Donald Trump managed to completely shift his tone about the cyber attack, while simultaneously minimizing the incredibly detrimental effect it had on the faith of countless Americans in the democratic system.

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