Why Trump is no Hero for Making an Appearance in Louisiana

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On Friday, many Trump supporters took to Twitter to ask where Hillary was, specifically while Donald Trump was in Louisiana. However, the Republican presidential nominee is no hero.

Many photos have surfaced of Trump in Louisiana providing supplies to those effected by the recent flooding. However, few, if any, of those that are praising Trump’s actions have acknowledged one key fact: he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

This is a concept that President Obama seemed to have a very firm grasp on, though it went right over the heads of both Trump and his supporters.

As Reuters reports,

Some people in Louisiana have urged President Barack Obama to cut short a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to visit and view the flood devastation. Obama’s vacation is due to end on Sunday.

[Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards]  said he urged the president to wait a few weeks before visiting as the huge security undertaking involved would interfere with recovery efforts.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate defended Obama’s decision not to visit.

“We still have response operations going on,” Fugate told CNN. “To move the president into a disaster area actually takes away some time from the response and the focus on” saving people.

Now, if the Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator defended President Obama’s decision to stay away from Louisiana amid response operations, why is it that Trump didn’t employ the very same logic?

Presumably, because it makes for good PR if the aforementioned fact is downplayed. Trump supporters, in turn, are doing just that. Rather than supporting the Louisiana Governor’s wishes, Trump truly exploited the situation for his own gain.

Trump is no hero in this situation. He purposely overstepped boundaries and interfered with the execution of much needed response operations.

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