Donald Trump to Meet with Mitt Romney to Discuss Nomination to Cabinet

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Donald Trump to Meet with Mitt Romney to Discuss Nomination to Cabinet - CitizenSlant

President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to meet this weekend with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, one of Trump’s earliest and fiercest Republican critics.

The topic of conversation is “governing moving forward” and apparently a cabinet post, according to a source speaking to CNN.

The meeting is among a series by Trump of reaching out to Republicans who did not support his candidacy in an effort to unite the GOP following a very divisive primary and general election season.

A very leaky transition team has, for days, signaled a state of complete chaos in the process, with potential nominees being floated and removed from contention and public internal discord and firings.

According to sources, Trump is considering Romney for Secretary of State, a position which has been the subject of constant debate with multiple potential nominees being floated among them former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton. Those two names which seem to have faded in favor of some noted Trump foes, namely South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and now Mitt Romney. Perhaps that is because not only would Giuliani and Bolton have faced an uphill climb in a Senate confirmation, but they would have also sent a signal to the GOP that Trump is not interested in uniting the party or having real experience at his top positions.

To be sure, the animosity between Romney and Trump is not at all a one way street. The President-elect repeatedly slammed the 2012 standard bearer for ultimately losing that race to Barack Obama. The former presidential nominee in turn refused to endorse Trump — or any candidate for that matter — in the general election.

The meeting comes a week after Romney called Trump to congratulate him on his election victory, a call which Trump said in a tweet was “very nice!”

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