5 Reasons Trump Trip to Mexico Proves He’s Unfit for the Presidency

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On Tuesday night, reports began to surface that Donald Trump may be visiting Mexico on Wednesday, the same day he is due to deliver his long awaited and postponed immigration speech.

As the night wore on, it was confirmed that indeed, Mr. Trump is going to fly to visit with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto accepting an invitation that Mr. Pena Nieto had extended to both presidential nominees on Friday of last week — just four days before.

Mr. Trump’s campaign and supporters quickly began what they normally do praising every ill-fated move that the candidate makes as some indication of his ability to be leader of the free world. Others were rather confused by the move, many political pundits trying to stay rather neutral scared to express any opinion for fear of being wrong once again in a strange campaign season that has proved them wrong so many times. Some pundits still had the courage for calling the move amateurish at best.

Below are five of the most important reasons — among many — that this latest move proves once again that Mr. Trump is not qualified to be leader of any organization, let alone a government, and certainly not the U.S. government.

First, it is abundantly clear that Mr. Trump and, more importantly, his amateur campaign, received the invitation and immediately were mesmerized. Mr. Trump has made it more than clear that he is incapable of thinking through any decision as he acts without thinking almost uniformly. But worse, he clearly has surrounded himself with people who are no better than he is. After all, the person most excited about this ill-fated trip is his campaign CEO, Steve Bannon.

Any person fit to serve in any capacity as a leader of our nation has to demonstrate the ability to exhibit some sort of self-control and sophistication. Mr. Trump and his campaign acted like amateurs accepting an invitation as if they were accepting dinner invitation from a close relative.

Second, no state visit — none — is ever done on a few days notice. There are many reasons for that. Among them is the fact that to the extent anything needs to be accomplished, there needs to be some sort of agenda. For Mr. Trump to fly to Mexico on virtually no notice — against the advice of even the American embassy in Mexico — assures that nothing can possibly be accomplished at this meeting except Mr. Trump attempting to make claims regarding knowledge he still will not have about Mexico.

Third, Mr. Trump and his campaign clearly jumped at the invitation so quickly because they wrongly believed that Hillary Clinton would accept it, and they just wanted to beat her to the punch — the same way they planned their now, long forgotten Louisiana trip. If they had any experience, or knowledge of political strategy, they would have known that Mrs. Clinton is not going to accept Mr. Pena Nieto’s invitation before or after the November election. Mrs. Clinton knows that Mr. Pena Nieto is historically unpopular in his nation. Meeting with him at this time — without some ulterior goals — is downright foolish.

Fourth, Trump and his campaign proved that they act impulsively, based on emotion, and without any strategy whatsoever. This is exactly the characteristic that is scary to many about Mr. Trump, that he will act without warning, without consulting, and without care for unintended consequences.

Fifth, even assuming that Mr. Trump should have accepted the invitation — which he absolutely should not have — Trump and his campaign again failed miserably. If anyone in the Trump campaign had any ability to think beyond what is directly in front of them, they would have planned the visit after his immigration speech. They could have even announced the trip immediately as they did, but plan it for after the speech. The reason is very simple. Trump could have given his speech, and with the meeting created natural wiggle room for his position. Meaning, he could have taken the positions he is going to take on Wednesday night, met with Mr. Pena Nieto the following day, and then adjusted any of his positions based on his “meeting” with Mr. Pena Nieto.

This ill-fated trip proves once again that not only is Donald Trump unqualified to be president, but that he is incapable of picking a team that would even improve his chances.


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Evan at

Im not sure you made 5 points. All 5 you said he pretty much jumped the gun?

I see nothing wrong with meeting The Mexican President. Just like theres nothing wrong if he met with Kim Jung Un. You don’t fix PROBLEMS by making them worse and ignoring and sending threats.

Constanc at

Sure can tell you are inexperienced citizen let alone a politician.


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