Trump on Phone Call: ‘What Would Happen If I Fired Sessions?’

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President Trump, who is known to frequently call friends and political associates outside his administration in order to vent and seek opinion, in a recent call with a longtime associate floated the idea of firing his Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In fact, Trump, “out of the blue,” asked “what would happen if I fired Sessions?” according to a new report by Axios.

The associate reportedly replied “If you’re going to fire people at Justice, don’t you want to save that bullet for Mueller?”

The report comes after a week of the President openly tormenting Sessions, the first U.S. Senator to back his campaign. Since an interview with the New York Times a week ago, Trump has engaged in almost daily public statements criticizing the Attorney General, much of it through daily tweet storms.

On Monday, he referred to Sessions as “beleaguered” as he leveled attacks on him and the congressional committees for not investigating his former rival Hillary Clinton, an idea he appears to have plucked away from watching Fox News as former Congressman Jason Chaffetz spoke on the matter.

Trump followed that up on Tuesday by accusing the Attorney General of taking “a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes.”

The recent moves by Trump to ridicule and attack Sessions is an obvious attempt to force him to resign. The transparent reason for that would be that the President believes he would be able to install a new AG who would be more willing to do Trump’s bidding, and ultimately firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller who appears to be getting too close for comfort in Trump’s mind.

There has also been speculation about replacements as Trump appears to be floating trial balloons on that matter as well. On Monday, Axios reported that Rudy Giuliani is a name that Trump has suggested, even though the former New York Mayor would likely have to recuse himself from the Russia investigation as well. Another name that, according to the Washington Post, has been suggested by Trump has been Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Both men have knocked down the reports saying that they are not aware of any such consideration. Giuliani also added that he believes that Sessions did the appropriate thing by recusing himself.

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