Don’t Like Trump’s Politics? Your Opinions are ‘Fake News’

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In his latest effort to discredit the media, President Donald Trump took to Twitter early on Monday morning to call any negative polling “fake news.”

It seems that this has become Trump’s signature way of dealing with criticism and dissent. Any and all public comments or polls that show disagreement with the President are met with a tweet publicly stating that it is “fake news.” By default, in attacking the polls, Trump is also attacking the people that were surveyed for them. In effect, he’s calling their opinions “fake news.”

Regardless of how often Mr. Trump claims that he doesn’t care about the polls or that they’re “fake,” he’s still reading them and they’re certainly getting under his skin.

We know this because, in an interview with RealClearPolitics, White House press secretary Sean Spicer explained that the President consumes polling information regularly, sometimes telling advisers about the data even before they have the opportunity to see it for themselves.

However, surely to Trump’s dismay, polling simply cannot be “fake news.” When done correctly, polls represent the  views of millions of Americans. Although there is always some room for error, by and large, they are representative of their target population (in this case, the American people) when properly executed. In terms of the election polls that Mr. Trump specifically referenced in his tweet, they are of high quality and were actually very close to the election outcome.

While it is undoubtedly difficult for Mr. Trump, and any president for that matter, to accept that the public views them unfavorably for whatever reason, Trump’s predecessors didn’t look to discredit the American people as a way to deal with it.

Even more troubling is the fact that Trump implies that Americans should trust his opinions on different matters as a result of his own, personal “accumulation of data.”

Although Trump may be working hard to vilify the media, it’s not quite so certain that he’ll be just as successful in his attempt to discredit public opinion.

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