3 Ways ‘Mr. Trump’s Stupid Excuses’ Slams Trump for Hypocrisy

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at Trump International Hotel, Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

An editorial published on Wednesday morning by the New York Times showcases Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for what he is: a hypocrite.

For one, Donald Trump has consistently expected that the American public take his claims about his tax returns as truth. For instance, he has made many statements about the success of his businesses, successful business dealings and partners, and charity donations. All the while, Trump — until very recently — vehemently and publicly demanded that President Barack Obama show hard proof that he was born in the United states. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Trump’s hypocrisy.

The editorial explains that Donald Trump’s excuses for why his taxes have not yet been released don’t hold well at all. In fact, the Times editorial board identifies three of the only possible explanations for why Trump has yet to release his tax returns like every other presidential candidate.

1.. “He earns very little money or uses loopholes and tax shelters and, as a result, pays little or no tax. Many voters were shocked when Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, disclosed that he paid an average of just 14 percent of his income in taxes. Mr. Trump might pay even less, perhaps even zero. Real estate developers like Mr. Trump can take advantage of numerous deductions, credits and other tax loopholes that allow them to minimize how much tax they owe. In fact, Mr. Trump has boasted about avoiding taxes, telling George Stephanopoulos of ABC in May, ‘I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible.'”

It wouldn’t look good for Donald Trump to showcase tax returns that display, not only his unwillingness to pay taxes, but his active search for tax loopholes. While it is speculation that Trump may pay even less than what Mitt Romney reported in 2012, it is quite possible given Trump’s line of work.

2. “He gives little or nothing to charity. Mr. Trump’s campaign claims that he has donated tens of millions of dollars to good causes. His last donation to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which he and his family control, was made in 2008, according to The Washington Post, and there is no evidence that he has given much to other charities. On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that his foundation spent $293,000 to settle lawsuits involving Mr. Trump’s businesses, pay for advertising for his hotels and buy two portraits of himself, in apparent violation of tax laws that prohibit the use of tax-exempt funds for the benefit of its executives and their businesses. That hardly inspires confidence.”

Trump’s campaign has stated time and time again that Mr. Trump has donated “tens of millions of dollars” to charity. However, there hasn’t been any evidence to support the claims. In fact, the Washington Post has reported the way in which Donald Trump actually uses his charity: to settle lawsuits for his businesses.

3. “His tax returns could shed light on whom he does business with. The detailed schedules in his tax return could reveal the source of his earnings and debt. This would provide information about his ties to Russian oligarchs, Middle Eastern billionaires and other figures closely linked to foreign governments that might be trying to influence or thwart American policy. A recent Newsweek story revealed that Mr. Trump has done business with politically connected businessmen in Azerbaijan, Dubai, India, Turkey and elsewhere. And a few years ago, his son Donald Trump Jr. said that many Russian investors had put their money into the family’s business.”

Many have speculated about the murky business dealings of Donald Trump. In recent time, his campaign has been rumored to be linked to many foreign interests that could pose a threat to Trump’s ability to hold office with the people’s best interest in mind. Revealing the sources of his earnings has the potential to confirm the many rumors and bring the foreign groups that may have an interest in Trump securing the presidency as a means of influencing American policy to light.

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