Trump Taps Scott Brown for Ambassador to New Zealand

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President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he is picking Scott Brown to be the U.S. ambassador to New Zealand.

Brown’s name has been floating as a potential pick in Trump’s government since February when the former Republican Senator from Massachusetts was rumored to be under consideration to serve as an ambassador.

He was additionally reportedly in the running for Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, the same post for which Sarah Palin was at one point under consideration before the position was given to David Shulkin, who was the head of the VA’s much-maligned healthcare system during the Obama years.

Brown is one of Trump’s very early backers during the presidential campaign. He was elected in 2010 to the seat left vacant due to Ted Kennedy’s passing. Of course, he lost that seat to one of the leaders of the liberal wing of the Senate, Elizabeth Warren, just two years later.

He then unsuccessfully tried to run against incumbent Jean Shaheen in New Hampshire in 2014.

New Zealand media noted some very interesting facts about Brown’s past once his name first started floating for the diplomatic post in their country. “Man tipped for US ambassador role in NZ a former nude model who supports waterboarding,” read a headline in New Zealand Herald, which is a major publication in the country.

The Paper noted that “In 1982 he nailed Cosmopolitan magazine’s ‘America’s Sexiest Man’ competition, with the former Army man then turning his hand to politics. His time as Senator included backing the use of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ including waterboarding – the act of simulated drowning in order to get subjects to release information.”

“Last year avid cyclist Brown told GQ magazine ‘I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand or Scotland or Wales and just ride 100 miles, hit a pub, drink, eat, sleep, do some exploring and then get up, ride another 100 miles, do that for a couple of weeks,” the Herald continued.

It appears that Brown will be getting his wish.

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