Donald Trump Taunts Ohio Governor John Kasich for Losing the Primary

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With Election Day looming, Donald Trump decided to taunt John Kasich, the popular governor of Ohio who has refused to endorse him and who announced that he would not be voting for him after the now infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ recording was leaked.

The GOP nominee is going after Kasich criticizing him for not backing him after the Republican presidential primary.

In an interview with Ohio TV station WHIO, Trump responded to a question about Kasich’s criticisms of him and his refusal to endorse the nominee for president.

“Well, it’s very disappointing. The governor was an opponent of mine during the primaries. And I understand, he took a, it was a very big defeat for him, he took a very big defeat and he went down hard. But he did sign a pledge and he didn’t honor the pledge. You know, that’s up to him, there were a couple of people that didn’t sign.

They signed the pledge but they didn’t honor it. Jeb Bush was another one. So I’m disappointed, but I think the people of Ohio get it. We are leading in the polls and I have great respect for the people of Ohio. They understand what’s happening, but I’m very disappointed in the governor. He signed a pledge, he didn’t honor it. He took a big, he took a big defeat and he has not gotten over it.

After bowing out of the primaries, Kasich had declined to endorse Trump citing his numerous concerns about the Republican nominee. In multiple interviews over the following months, he had discussed his hesitation but would not say whether he would ultimately vote for the nominee. That all changed when the ‘Access Hollywood’ recording surfaced where Trump made very lewd comments and admitted to engaging what many claim is sexual assault.

Kasich then announced that he would not be voting for the Republican nominee, saying “Nothing that has happened in the last 48 hours is surprising to me or many others.”

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Charlie Bear at

Donald Trump has made a mockery out of USA Democratic process. I hold my head in shame that our political process has come to this. In about 10 years, the global community will look much different, with policed society, like WW11, everyone under suspicion of something or another. They will be reading our thoughts, determine our life through genetics, wipe out disease prone people through Genetics. It’s going to be really sobering.


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