MUST SEE: Trump’s Former Accountant Debunks That Trump “Handled The Tax Code Brilliantly”

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During the October 5 edition of CNN’s At This Hour wth Berman and Bolduan, Donald Trump’s former accountant Jack Mitnick debunked widespread claims about Trump’s handling of the tax code.

KATE BOLDUAN (CO-HOST): In speaking out, you have said that Donald Trump — that you worked with Donald Trump until 1996 and, from what you see, you believe that the documents that The New York Times received, that they are legitimate. When you look at kind of the facts of that filing, a $916 million net operating loss. In your experience, was that unusual? Did you come across that very often?


BOLDUAN: Which? It’s not unusual or you came across that very often?

MITNICK: You don’t come across it very often.


BOLDUAN: Well, there is nothing legally wrong, you guys have just established. There’s nothing illegal about it. Is there something wrong with, if he would claim that amount of loss and not pay taxes, claim that loss and apply that to not paying federal income tax going forward, is there anything wrong with that?

MITNICK: Not at all. It’s in accordance with the law.

JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): So, Donald Trump said he did it brilliantly, handled the tax code brilliantly.He was called by Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, alternatively, “smart” and “a genius.” Was that your experience in working with him, with his knowledge of the tax code? Was he brilliant in the way he used the tax code, smart and a genius?

MITNICK: No. Those returns were entirely created by us.

BOLDUAN: So, what level of involvement did he have?

MITNICK: Virtually zero.

BERMAN: Virtually zero. So, the idea he says that he knows how to work the tax code, did you see any — did you see any example or have any reason to believe that he does know how to work or game the tax code as much as he says he does?

MITNICK: Not when I dealt with him.

Transcript via Media Matters.

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