Trump Transition Team Signed Powerful Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Every member of Donald Trump’s transition team has signed an intense non-disclosure agreement, per the President-elect’s request.

As Politico reports, the non-disclosure agreement bars all of those working as part of Mr. Trump’s transition team from “disclosing info about major portions of the transition work, like policy briefings, personnel material, donor info, fundraising goals, budgets, contracts, or any draft research papers.”

The NDA also states that if any member of the team suspects that another has leaked material, it is their obligation to report it. If someone is caught leaking information, they will face a court order forcing them to stop. Paid staffers, consultants, and volunteers were all forced to sign the document.

Donald Trump’s use of a non-disclosure agreement is not surprising, considering what occurred during his campaign and how he conducted his businesses.

According to Politico,

“The campaign non-disclosure form differed slightly, according to past news reports, because it also included a “disparagement” clause which prevented campaign staffers from saying anything demeaning about Trump. The same went for the agreement for those who worked for Trump’s businesses.”

Many are concerned that Trump’s use of NDA’s could damage government transparency once he is in the White House.

In April, Donald Trump told The Washington Post that he intended to make high-ranking officials sign these types of agreements.

“When people are chosen by a man to go into government at high levels and then they leave government and they write a book about a man and say a lot of things that were really guarded and personal, I don’t like that.”

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