Donald Trump Trolls Hillary Clinton on Charlotte Plans

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On Friday night, Donald Trump took to Twitter again, this time to mock Hillary Clinton on her now canceled plans to visit Charlotte, North Carolina, where civil unrest in the wake of Keith Lamont Scott’s fatal shooting in an incident with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Trump tweeted “Crooked Hillary’s bad judgment forced her to announce that she should go to Charlotte on Saturday to grandstand. Dem pols said no way, dumb!

On Friday, NBC News reported that the Democratic presidential nominee planned to visit Charlotte. Later in the day, in an interview with CNN, the city’s mayor, Jennifer Roberts, asked that both candidates refrain from visiting the Charlotte until the unrest has subsided.

“We appreciate the support of the candidates. We appreciate that they are concerned about Charlotte. At this point, we do have very stretched resources for security and they are working around the clock. If there would be a way to delay those visits in terms of giving us a chance to get our city back to order and back to more of a state of normalcy, that would probably be ideal.”

The mayor’s response is a common one by local leaders at times of natural tragedies or civil unrest, where first responders and various other resources are stretched thin as candidate visits tend to require a substantial amount of those same stretched resources.

Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri later announced that the campaign would honor the mayor’s wishes.

“After further discussion with community leaders, we have decided to postpone Sunday’s trip as to not impact the City’s resources. She will plan to visit Charlotte next Sunday, provided circumstances allow. In the meantime her prayers are with the people of Charlotte during these difficult days.”

On Friday night, protesters occupied the police station demanding the release of the police videos of the shooting incident. The police department announced on Saturday that it was expecting to release those videos as early as this weekend.

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