Shocker: Trump Comes Unhinged in Early Morning Tweets

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In the early hours of the morning, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter and, surprisingly, came unhinged.

In true Trump fashion, the Donald used Twitter to dig himself into an even deeper hole regarding his comments about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado that were highlighted by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during Monday’s presidential debate.

Clinton recalled that Trump was responsible for a series of attacks on Machado — explaining that he called her “Miss Housekeeping” and, according to Jezebel, “invited reporters to humiliate her by watching her work out.”

Trump made matters worse on Tuesday when he appeared on Fox & Friends to, not only minimize his statements, but elaborate by saying that she actually did gain weight. His poor judgement in making the aforementioned statement has left many baffled — including many at conservative news networks like Fox News.

Rather than approach the situation diplomatically and express regret for his comments, Trump immediately went on the offensive on Twitter Friday morning.

Truth be told, Trump’s advisors need to tell him to stop throwing stones from a glass house. As the New York Post’s Shaun King highlighted on Twitter Friday morning:

Rather than continuing to shame and attempt to humiliate Alicia Machado (and countless other women), Trump should take a quick look at his own track record.

Time and time again, Trump has shown that he is incapable of responding in an even remotely presidential fashion. This is just the latest example in a slew of reactive responses to criticism of his past comments that showcase this detrimental shortcoming. In the process of making these remarks, however, Trump continues to dig an even deeper grave for his presidential campaign. During a time where he is supposed to be working to gain support of voters that he has been unable to woo thus far — women, people of color, young voters, and the like — he continues to take several steps backward.

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