WATCH: Trump Voters Feel Conned by Trump’s Antics, but Still Blame Democrats

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In a bizarre conversation with Trump voters, CNN showcased that their support of the president is dwindling. However, others continue to support Trump and spoke in favor of his antics that the others spoke out against.

As it stands, Trump’s poll numbers are at record lows — even in Republican areas where he won in 2016, his approval rating has dropped to 50%.

During the CNN segment, voters from South Carolina, Florida, and Iowa found themselves divided on whether or not they supported the president. Roughly half claimed that they were still “strong” supporters of President Trump, with one woman saying that she wasn’t very strong in her support of Trump in the first place, but rather more against his opponent, former democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Another panelist and Trump supporter asserted that the president is making good on some of his promises, including pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement and doing away with the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law. He explained as he celebrated the president’s tweets,

“He’s the modern day president.”

However, a fellow panelist disagreed, saying that he wished that Trump would understand that some things are just not appropriate for tweeting.

Later, a woman on the panel explained that she struggled as she saw families trying to enter the U.S. after Trump instituted his travel ban executive order.

Meanwhile, the woman that had previously explained that her anti-Clinton stance essentially informed her vote for Trump in the 2016 election explained the role that her vote played in her friendships with her non-Trump supporting friends.

“I didn’t realize how much our relationship hinged on me voting for Trump,” she explained.

Despite their criticisms of President Trump, the voters were also saddened that they did not feel welcomed by Democrats when they chose to reject Trump.

One panelist explained,

“When we get into a discussion with anybody, a family or a stranger on social media, we need to remember we are all Americans first and this is a great country. We’re all proud to be Americans. So, just put that first in your mind and then try to see the other person’s side and see what you have in common more.”

The ABC poll doesn’t give anything positive to Democrats either. The poll revealed that many see the party as nothing but being against Trump, not standing for anything.

Watch the clip here:

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