O’Reilly Replacement Tucker Carlson Holds a Shocking Belief About the Root of Sexual Harassment

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Following the announcement of Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News and that Tucker Carlson will be taking his time slot, it’s important to look at what Carlson has said in the past about the very thing that lead to O’Reilly’s dismissal.

During a segment in 2006 on Carlson’s former MSNBC show, “Tucker,” Steve McMahon, democratic strategist, claimed that the Democrats taking over Congress would begin a new era characterized by “a lot more fun.”

Carlson then responded with how he felt about sexual harassment — effectively choosing to talk about something almost entirely different.

Carlson stated,

“A lot more fun? This is a group that made up the concept of sexual harassment. ‘You look great today.’ ‘Boom, I‘m charging you with a crime.’”

Carlson continued with a joke,

“Do you know what I mean? It‘s not a group I associate with fun. You want a sex scandal, the Republican party, baby, that‘s where you go.”

It seems that O’Reilly’s departure from Fox will not usher in a new era for the TV network.


The full excerpt can be read here.

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