Twitter Roasts Trump With ‘Donald Trump’s Sham Patriotism’

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The Most Troubling Part of Donald Trump's Tweet About Dwyane Wade's Loss - citizen slant

‘Donald Trump’s Sham Patriotism’ was trending on Sunday. Motivated by a New York Times article with the same title, users began using the phrase to shed light on Trump’s hypocrisy.

Patriotism is a central tenet of Trump’s campaign platform. Nationalism and patriotism both resonate well with his target demographic of blue collar white voters.

However, Donald Trump isn’t very patriotic at all and he really hasn’t been.

As Frank Bruni of the New York Times states,

“His blood pumps red, white and blue, or so he assures us. In his dreams and decisions, he sees his country above all else. “The most important difference between our plan and that of our opponent,” he told Republicans in Cleveland on Thursday night, “is that our plan will put America first.”

But this lavishly professed love is a largely semantic affair. It’s fickle. It’s reckless. Under its guise, he’s apparently prepared to jettison values that really do make America great and alliances that really do keep America safer. His patriotism brims with grievances.”


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