Twitter Slams Trump for His Comments on Nordstrom Dropping Ivanka’s Brand

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trump - citizen slant
Photo: Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to attack high fashion retailer Nordstrom for dropping his Ivanka Trump’s brand. Users on Twitter then seized the opportunity to give him a lesson on how the free market economy actually functions.

In his early morning tweet, Trump said that Ivanka had been treated “unfairly” by the retailer.

Nordstrom is not the only retailer to make the decision to stop carrying Trump’s brand. HSN, Neiman Marcus, Jet, ShopStyle, and Belk have also dropped Ivanka’s clothing line, citing poor sales as the reason. Trump’s early Wednesday morning tweet is yet another of his many presidential firsts — and possibly one of the most troubling. It serves as the first time that a sitting president has actually criticized a private company publicly, and for the simple fact that they cut into his daughter’s bottom line, no less.

However, the internet was quick to point out the ridiculous nature of Trump’s comments, as well as give him a reality check that this how the free market works.


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