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University of Oregon is the Latest University to Reconcile Disgraceful Past

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While the University of Oregon may not be like, say, Princeton with a direct connection to slavery, the university has one key tie to a racist past.

The university claims that it is set to remove the name of a former KKK leader from one of it’s dorms. The decision came after a unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees. The name of the former KKK leader, Frederick Dunn, was removed because of his past as an “exalted cyclops.”

An “exalted cyclops” is a Klan term meaning the leader of a single Klan unit. Dunn was a classics professor at UO in the 1920-30s, but also held the “exalted cyclops” title with the Klan.

One alumni, David Igl, advocated that they keep the former professor’s name on the building because of his work with groups like the YMCA. However, the Board didn’t put any weight in that argument and sided with student leaders that advocated for the building name change because of students feeling “unsafe because of names on buildings.”


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