Van Jones: O’Keefe’s Russia ‘Nothing-Burger’ Video Is ‘a Hoax’

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CNN’s Van Jones responded on Thursday to an ‘undercover’ video released by controversial conservative provocateur James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas.

Jones said that his words were taken out of context in order to “pull off a hoax.” The CNN commentator made the remarks in an article published on CNN.com, adding that “the people on team Trump” are “living in a fantasy world” if they are under the impression that the video in any way vindicates them.

Jones went directly against O’Keefe who has a track record of distorting his recordings in order to get a desired message. “Serious question,” Jones said. “Is anyone out there still gullible enough to fall for an edited, right-wig propaganda video — in 2017?”

Answering his own question, the political pundit took a swipe at the President and his White House, “apparently, the Trump White House is. (SAD)”

Referring to O’Keefe as a “notorious con artist, the CNN commentator said “for those of you unfamiliar with James O’Keefe and his misnamed ‘Project Veritas … [he] is a notorious con man whose infamy arises from his addiction to pulling the same media stunts, over and over again. He has gotten busted so many times posting fake, doctored videos that his name alone produces eye rolls among well-informed liberals and conservatives alike.”

Jones then explains O’Keefe’s M.O. “His favorite schtick is secretly taping employees of institutions like NPR, Planned Parenthood and now CNN. Next, he deceptively edits the videos. Then he tricks the right-wing media into spreading his lies.”

Speaking about the video involving himself, Jones said that “If you take any one line of my argument out of context, you can use it to pull off a hoax. That’s what O’Keefe’s minions did.”

“The notion that I think Trump is innocent of all wrongdoing in Russiagate is ludicrous. But perhaps the people on team Trump can afford to live in a fantasy world,” he added.

“Did I mean that there is ‘nothing’ to the allegations that members of team Trump colluded with the Russians and then tried to cover it up by firing FBI Director James Comey? No – and far from it,” he wrote.

“In other words, no evidence is going to emerge (‘THIS WEEK,’ soon, or maybe ever) that is powerful enough to force the craven GOP to oust Trump,” he continued. He also said that he believes that “there probably was collusion” between the Russians and the Trump campaign.

“Putin is the only person (besides Ivanka) whom Trump never disses. Given how Trump lashes out at everyone else, that fact alone is fishy,” Jones wrote.

It is noteworthy that President Trump placed O’Keefe’s videos released this week — including the one involving Van Jones — on his Instagram account.

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