‘The View’ Unveils Hilarious Medley of Trump Mispronouncing World Leader Names

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ABC’s ‘The View,’ no fan of the President, on Friday released a hilarious medley of all of the times that Trump has mispronounced the name of a world leader.

While presidents have access to a variety of resources within their government to assure that they sidestep landmines and do not commit embarrassing mistakes in dealing with names that are unlike those that they are used to hearing, it appears that Trump has decided to skip on those resources.

The new video was unveiled in a segment with guest Mark Cuban who is a vocal critic of Trump. Cuiban marched the group of co-hosts through all of the reasons that the President is unfit and unprepared to serve and described why he is not going to improve on the job.

“Today, Trump heads out to the Middle East. God forbid,” co-host Joy Behar said putting her hands over head head.”Oy, what’s going to happen there? Hopefully, he’s getting a crash course in how to pronounce world leaders’ names because it’s long overdue.”

In the video, the correct pronunciation of each name is followed by a tape of Trump’s mangled attempt. The video starts with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and continues from there, even including Beyonce, which Trump manages to destroy by not pronouncing the accented ‘e.’

One of the co-hosts, Paula Faris, attempted to come to Trump’s defense by challenging the panel to say “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad three times fast,” referring to the former Iranian leader, who stepped down long before Trump took office.

“That’s not the point,” said Cuban. “He has at his disposal every resource in this country. All you’ve got to do is ask!”

Watch the segment below:

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