Washington Gears up for Trump Climate Executive Order

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As the GOP scrambles to get support for their proposed Obamacare replacement, Washington is bracing itself for U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order on climate change.

The order could be released any day and is expected to effectively dismantle former President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, as well as end the moratorium on federal-land coal mining. Doing so would make it impossible for the country to reach its commitments under the 2015 international climate agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

According to The Hill, the president is said to be considering an order that is more broad than initially anticipated. As sources report, the order could include other provisions aimed at climate regulations as a whole. The energy sector and congressional Republicans are pushing Trump to go big with the order, but also to make sure his actions can withstand legal challenges.

The rollout of the order has been delayed several times, partially because the White House has been trying to decide what exactly should be included in it.

Although energy was not a focus of Trump’s presidential campaign, he did promise to roll back former President Obama’s climate agenda, as well as reduce regulations, with the ultimate goal of creating jobs. In some ways, Trump has held true to his promise. His proposed budget cuts funding to the Environmental Protection Agency by a whopping 31 percent and he has also signed executive orders that take on car emission standards and the Clean Water Rule.

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