WATCH: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Perfectly Explains the Alt Right Movement

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The so-called Alt Right movement has been gaining major momentum recently. Watch as MSNBC’s Joy Reid perfectly nails what the movement is about.

In the clip, Reid explains that,

“…the alt-right consider themselves an alternative to traditional conservatism, which they think is weak tea. Their basic belief is that white Americans need to protect themselves against multiculturalism and immigration, which they believe are essentially watering down American culture and putting white people at a disadvantage… So they’re mostly young, they’re very tech-savvy, they’ve been connected to things like gamer-gate, going after women, going after people of color. What you’re seeing happen to Leslie Jones, that’s a prime example.”

MSNBC Host Tamron Hall then prompts Reid to differentiate between the KKK and the Alt Right, to which Reid responds that,

“…just as David Duke took the KKK and dressed it up in a suit and tie, the alt-right is also white nationalism. But they differentiate themselves in their own minds, saying well, they are pro-white, and that they claim that that is not racism. So they are basically the next generation of what are traditionally the neo-Nazi movements, the KKK, they are essentially saying they are a pro white movement that wants to make America more masculine. They feel America has become to feminized, they’re against interventions in foreign wars and they peg neoconservatism as sort of a Jewish intervention in conservatism. So they are essentially — they are the same thing. But a new breed.”

In one fail swoop, Reid manages to perfectly nail the type of person that considers themselves to be a part of the Alt Right, but also acts that they can be associated with.

Furthermore, while the Alt Right don’t consider themselves to be white supremacists, Reid points out the fact that they actually push the very same rhetoric. In making parallels between David Duke’s brand of the KKK, Reid effectively couches the Alt Right conversation in a decidedly historical context. She explains that Alt Right supporters see themselves as “pro-white,” but not racist. However, they’re nothing more than the next generation of white supremacist movement, which is inherently rooted in racist ideology.

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