What’s so Wrong About the Naked Donald Trump Statues

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Naked Donald Trump statues have popped up all over the country as an act of protest of the Republican presidential nominee. However, many have found them to be offensive… and rightfully so.

The statues, built by art collective InDecline, exhibit what they imagine is Trump’s naked body in great detail. While many initially found the statues to be comical, another conversation quickly emerged.

Though many do not support Trump and the rhetoric he eschews, they saw the statues as body shaming both Trump and those who may resemble his body type. 

As Slate’s Christina Cauterucci states,

It’s easy to see why many met the sight of this righteous humiliation of a notorious bully with glee. Trump has spent his entire career insulting people for their looks, specifically their weight. He mocked Miss Universe contestants for being what he deemed overweight, called one “Miss Piggy,” and made her work out in a room full of photographers and video crews. He called Rosie O’Donnell “my nice, fat little Rosie.” He even poked fun at Chris Christie’s weight at his own rally.

One is left asking: if we find Trump’s own behavior to be inappropriate, how is this any better?

What Trump has said about others is wrong in every sense of the word and he should certainly be held accountable for his comments, but hitting him with the same kind of undue ridicule does not provide any meaningful critique. There is no shortage of avenues to take when looking to critique Donald Trump. Those of us who have witnessed his disaster of a campaign at close range know that he lacks even the most fundamental knowledge to be deemed presidential.

However, rather than attacking Trump for what he has said, the wrong that he has done, and the detrimental implications of his divisive rhetoric, this collective chose to ridicule his body. That is something that many just cannot get behind — and for good reason.

Everyone has witnessed the unnecessary, callous and demeaning ad hominem attacks that Trump relies on to further his campaign. In fact, many have remained critical of his school child approach to conflict. If Donald Trump is to be critiqued, it should be about what he has actually done, and not his body.

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