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White Teacher to Black Students: ‘Don’t Make Me Call Trump and Get You Sent Back to Africa’

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White Teacher to Black Students: 'Don't Make Me Call Trump and Get You Sent Back to Africa' - CitizenSlant

A white high school teacher has been suspended for alleged racist comments that he made to his black students the day after the presidential election.

John Sousa, who teaches at Wesley Chapel High School in Pasco County near Tampa, Florida, reportedly told his black students, “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa.” He made the comments to a group of teenagers.

Some African American students said that Sousa, who also coaches the boys golf team, came to them in the corridor between class periods and asked them what they were doing. The father of one of the students related the account. in a Facebook post. Donnie Jones, Jr., the father of the student, posted “When my child told me that I didn’t know what to say. I was blown away.”

In a post, the following day, November 10, Mr. Jones said that he was given Sousa’s number and actually called the teacher:

“He actually admitted saying it. He said it was just an off the wall comment and wasn’t meant to be racist. He said it was a bunch of male and female students in the hallway and he was talking to everyone. Let’s be honest here. I could see if he said Donald’s going to deport everyone. (Even then I would have questions) but my daughter said he pointed at the 3 black students and said Donald’s going to send you back to Africa. I believe he’s sorry but he’s only sorry because he’s in trouble.”

“People ask what blacks, Muslims, gays and others that are different have (to) fear. This is what we f——– fear,” Jones, the Wesley Chapel parent, wrote on his Facebook page.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Jones said that Sousa told him that he made the comment to everyone in the hallway, but that his daughter said Sousa pointed directly at three black teens. “Unacceptable behavior at the end of the day,” Jones said.

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