Alec Baldwin: ‘This Country is Lost. It’s in Trouble’

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Alec Baldwin Trump Press Conference - CitizenSlant

Since before Election Day, Alec Baldwin has been a regular target of Donald Trump’s tweets with his portrayal of the now President on Saturday Night Live.

He has also jabbed back at Trump on Twitter with various humorous responses to his angry Sunday tweets criticizing Baldwin and SNL.

However, on Inauguration Day, the actor struck a serious tone tweeting to his followers, “All of the jokes/parody/comedy aside, let’s stop for a moment to take a full account of where we are. This country is lost. It’s in trouble.”

The night before the inauguration, the actor took part in an anti-Trump rally in New York with Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo and others. While he did summon his Trump impression briefly, he spoke to the crowd mostly as himself, getting them riled up for Al Sharpton who was due to follow him.

Baldwin has been a regular critic of Trump, even offering to stop his impersonations if Trump would release his taxes. The actor tweeted his offer after one of Trump’s angry critiques of his performance.

Earlier this month, Baldwin tweeted a selfie while wearing a red hat similar to the Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap. But the one that Baldwin was wearing used the Cyrillic alphabet to convey the message in Russian, an obvious jab at the President-elect and his continuous support of Russia.

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