CNN’s Anderson Cooper Blasts Carter Page on Russia & Trump in Bizarre Interview

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In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Carter Page, former Trump campaign advisor, made a series of bizarre statements in what was undoubtedly an embarrassing appearance.

Throughout the interview, Page attempted to dodge questions by saying that him and Cooper would not be having a conversation if leaks had not been made to USA Today.

Page also said that he didn’t attend a meeting with Russians, but instead he attended a conference. Cooper then pressed Page, asking why he didn’t clarify to journalist Judy Woodruff that he spent less than ten seconds with the Russian Ambassador to the United States. With that in mind, Page did say that he was using the “Russian definition” of a meeting — meaning any gathering amongst a group.

Cooper then quickly questioned if that meant that the people that attended Trump rallies could say that they had been in a meeting with Trump, to which Page responded, “I’ve been in smaller ones as well.”

The former Trump campaign advisor made a series of mystifying statements, including that the “definition of an advisor seems to be in some dispute” when Cooper referred to him as a foreign policy advisor to Trump. He also asserted that he’s been targeted in the Trump-Russia scandal because he is Catholic, but said that there are several other reasons why he’s being targeted.

Page also mentioned that he had been asked to testify before Congress, saying,  “I just got a really nice letter from the Senate Intell Committee asking me to preserve everything. I’m so excited.”

Page also struggled to clarify whether or not he had ever been sent a cease and desist letter by the Trump campaign.

Watch the interview here:

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