Ex-Wife of Labor Secretary Nominee Puzder Once Alleged Physical Abuse on Oprah

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In 1990, ex-wife of Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder Lisa Fierstein donned a wig and sunglasses to appear on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show titled “High Class Battered Women.”

During her appearance, Fierstein spoke in detail about the physical abuse she endured during their marriage.

“‘I will see you in the gutter. This will never be over. You will pay for this,” she said her ex-husband, whose confirmation hearing is set for Thursday, told her after she decided to go public with the information.

Video of the episode surfaced on Tuesday from the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), which provided a copy to Congress, and from a woman who also appeared on the show, who provided a copy to Politico.

“The most frightening thing was leaving because once I made that break, and once I made it public, and remember my ex-husband was a public figure—everyone knew him and knew what he was doing. And once I made that public, he vowed revenge. I wound up losing everything. Everything. I have nothing. He has a Porsche and a Mercedes Benz. He has the home. He has everything. He was an attorney and he knew how to play the system.”

Fierstein filed for divorce from Puzder in 1987 and accused him of throwing her to the ground, punching her once during a drive home, and preventing her from calling the police. She later redacted her statements, however, as part of a child custody agreement.

Watch the clip here:

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