Anne Frank Center Blasts Trump’s acknowledgement as ‘Band-Aid on the Cancer of Anti-Semitism’

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The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect slammed President Trump’s comments during his visit to the African American museum where he made his most direct condemnation of antisemitism.

“The President’s sudden acknowledgement is a Band-Aid on the cancer of Antisemitism that has infected his own Administration,” the Center said in a statement posted to its Facebook page. “His statement today is a pathetic asterisk of condescension after weeks in which he and his staff have committed grotesque acts and omissions reflecting Antisemitism, yet day after day have refused to apologize and correct the record.”

The Center goes on to blast the Trump administration, calling its antisemitism the worst that it has ever seen. “Make no mistake: The Antisemitism coming out of this Administration is the worst we have ever seen from any Administration.”

The Anne Frank Center is the New York based partner of Amsterdam’s Anne Frank house. It describes itself as a civil and human rights organization. It has been one of Trump’s harshest critics.

Trump has been under fire for nearly the duration of his young presidency for what has been termed antisemitic behavior. For example, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, he was roundly criticized for what appeared to be a purposeful omission of the Jewish people in the White House’s official statement. In response to the criticism, the administration doubled down by claiming that the omission was because there were others who were not Jews who were also victimized in the Holocaust, a statement which only deepened the outrage.

The Center mentioned the matter in its statement, again condemning the administration. “The White House repeatedly refused to mention Jews in its Holocaust remembrance, and had the audacity to take offense when the world pointed out the ramifications of Holocaust denial.”

The President also refused to address the mounting series of antisemitic acts — including dozens of bomb threats against Jewish community centers — when he was asked by a Jewish journalist during his freewheeling press conference last week. Instead, he cut off the journalist, telling him that “I hate even the question,” and continued to attack him as he (Trump) claimed to be “the least antisemitic person,” and rattled off his family members who are Jewish.

Again, on Monday, the White House condemned “hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind,” adding that such behavior has “no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom. However, once again, the White House refrained from making any reference to antisemitism.

On Tuesday, while on a visit to the African American Museum in Washington D.C., Trump provided his most direct response to the question yet.

“Antisemitism is horrible, and it’s gonna stop and it has to stop,” Trump said in general terms as he often does, reflecting his lack of depth on most subjects.

The group was clearly not impressed. “And it was only yesterday, President’s Day, that Jewish Community Centers across the nation received bomb threats, and the President said absolutely nothing. When President Trump responds to Antisemitism proactively and in real time, and without pleas and pressure, that’s when we’ll be able to say this President has turned the corner. this is not that moment.”

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